Here’s a little tale I wrote in the male perspective, because it was so much better that way. Enjoy!

Yesterday, when I went out for lunch, I met the love of my life. I was hardly anticipating her arrival, but then again, a beauty like this one didn’t come around often enough to be expected. She was unmistakably attractive, although her behavior suggested a rough exterior. I thought I knew better. If I could only get close to her, I knew I’d come to find a soft and gentle interior, capable of melting the heart of even the strongest man. Even the way she smelled attracted me. It was when she floated by my table that I caught the faintest hint of her seductive aroma and felt myself drooling over her. Trying to resist, to compose myself, I stayed in my chair. Only with time would she be ready for me. I attempted to keep my eyes off of her, to act nonchalant. Before long, however, I gave up; I just couldn’t look away. Every sound she made, every adornment that she wore, all of it was perfect. I even felt myself becoming jealous when I noticed another man looking at her. In a burst of emotion and without a second thought, I rushed to her side and grabbed her. I carried her to my table, speaking softly to her of all the plans I had in mind for us. As she stared up at me, drinking in every word, she beckoned me closer, eagerly displaying her sharp cheddar cheese, her juicy tomatoes, and her well-seasoned salami. Longing in my eyes, I stared back at her, reluctant to destroy the beauty in front of me. She began serenading me with her sizzling, a song filled with emotion and loneliness. She cried to me, pleaded with me to save her from the savages around us, to embrace her and savor her. I looked around. Was it possible that she belonged to another? No one came to steal her from my grasp. I slowly lifted her to my lips, pausing for just one moment more to drink in the lovely perfume that she was wearing. I knew then and there that I would not cease to protect her with my life until she was safely tucked away. No one else would touch her; but oh, if only I had known that the love of my life would leave so soon, maybe I would not have rushed things so. Yes, my lovely Grilled Cheese, if only I had known.


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