Advice, Writing Prompts

Advice of the Day 4/22/17

Instead of a prompt of the day like I usually do, I’d like to take a moment to say something that pertains to, specifically, book writing. As I’ve probably mentioned before, my friend and I are co-authoring with each other, and have been for about two years now. Today I have had a tremendous amount of inspiration, or at least, inclination to write. I want to encourage those of you who are completely stumped on what to do right now in your novel; don’t give up just because you haven’t had good writing time for a while. Sometimes it takes me almost a month to get back into the swing of the things, but if I keep trying, eventually I hit a sweet spot. Like this morning, for example; I worked for nearly four hours without getting tired of it, and I’m about to go back at it again. In short, just keep trying, because at some time or other you will be inspired to really get things done. Keep writing!


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