Days are fleeting, hours flying, minutes passing, seconds ticking Life is merely a moment, a glimpse of what's to come And soon all that was will be no more For in the blink of a eye, those who know their fate will look to the sky and rise And so shall they ever be with … Continue reading Blink


Patience is a Virtue…

"Patience is a virtue." That's what they all say. But what does that really mean? The word "patience" can be defined as "the capacity, or habit, of being patient", where being patient "patient" is to "[bear] pains or trials calmly without complaint", "not hasty or impetuous", and "able or willing to bear". The word "virtue" … Continue reading Patience is a Virtue…


That moment when you are waiting to write with your co-author and you really want to write something, but you know you shouldn't touch your manuscript... yeah, that's the moment I'm experiencing right now. I want to write something, but I don't know what to write about. I'm sure you've all been there. What do … Continue reading Randomness


Ready for Routine (and Missing Roatan)

I don't know about you, but I can only go so long without a solid routine. Over Christmas vacation, which ended up being about three weeks long, I fully intended to train myself for the eight o' clock class that I will be attending three times a week for entire Spring Semester. Unfortunately, it is … Continue reading Ready for Routine (and Missing Roatan)


New Year

There's something about a new year that is just so exciting. While some people look back on the year behind them with disdain, I like to focus on everything that God did in my life during that year and anticipate, with great expectation, the year ahead. You see, when you live your life through the … Continue reading New Year