Days are fleeting, hours flying, minutes passing, seconds ticking Life is merely a moment, a glimpse of what's to come And soon all that was will be no more For in the blink of a eye, those who know their fate will look to the sky and rise And so shall they ever be with … Continue reading Blink


Patience is a Virtue…

"Patience is a virtue." That's what they all say. But what does that really mean? The word "patience" can be defined as "the capacity, or habit, of being patient", where being patient "patient" is to "[bear] pains or trials calmly without complaint", "not hasty or impetuous", and "able or willing to bear". The word "virtue" … Continue reading Patience is a Virtue…


That moment when you are waiting to write with your co-author and you really want to write something, but you know you shouldn't touch your manuscript... yeah, that's the moment I'm experiencing right now. I want to write something, but I don't know what to write about. I'm sure you've all been there. What do … Continue reading Randomness



Write about something that you are thankful for. There has to be something, especially this time of year. It could be a person, food, a warm jacket...the list goes on. You'll find that writing this way can put you in a better mood and help you hone you writing skills. So go on, it's time … Continue reading Thankful


Adventure Writing

Adventure! Adventure. Adven...ture. Everyone loves it, but few can write it. Why is that? I mean, mankind has always wanted to do adventurous things, like flying, and exploring, and--you name it. So, if adventure is the thing we've always wanted, why can't anyone write it? In this day and age, I believe that a lot … Continue reading Adventure Writing