Advice of the Day 4/23/17

Again, instead of a prompt of the day, I am going to offer just a small tidbit of wisdom. In writing my book, I’ve found that some of the worst work I’ve ever done was a result of my trying to rush things. If I am determined to get a set amount of pages completed in such and such a time, for example, I usually find that the quality of my work is far less than average. Now, I’m not speaking for every writer, and I admit that there is more than one way to write a book, but it is my personal opinion that having a very loose deadline when writing your first book is best. Also, when I say that rushing things results in poor writing, that includes rushing dialogue and scenes. If you are cutting out valuable emotion and insight just so you can get to the “good stuff”, you probably won’t be satisfied with your work later on. Keep re-reading what you’ve already written, the good quality writing; look back to the last chapters. Even if you know your story inside out and it feels like you’ve re-read it a thousand times, and trust me, sooner or later it will feel like that, keep doing it. It helps to ensure consistency in your writing and keeps you on track with what the overall feel of your book should be. Then, if you have to cut down on a particularly long and unnecessary scene later on, you can do it confidently, knowing that there is enough emotion or scene elaboration before or after the chunk that you’re cutting out.

In conclusion, I would like to note that you may not agree with my advice at all, and that’s perfectly alright. 🙂 Like I said, there is more than one way to write a book. Please, if you find something that you do or don’t agree with, let me know, because sooner or later, I will probably be at the same stage that you are in writing, and I might come to find that my own advice isn’t working as well as it once did before.